Make every meeting matter.

WorkLife is a web and mobile app that helps you run highly productive, engaging meetings


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Everyone on the same page. Literally.

With WorkLife's collaborative, real-time note taking everyone is literally on the same page creating a shared record of the meeting. Everyone leaves the meeting with the same understanding of what was decided and next steps.

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Highly productive meetings.

WorkLife automates meeting best practices — setting and sharing agendas, driving towards decisions and action items, circulating meeting summaries — to help your team get more done faster

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Stay on top of things.

WorkLife organizes all of your meeting notes in one place, helps you assign and track action items, and surfaces unresolved items from previous meetings so nothing slips through the cracks.

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Seamless calendar integration.

WorkLife syncs with Google Calendar (others coming soon) so your meeting schedule is always up to date. Add agendas and notes to any meeting in a single click.

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