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Worklife helps teams run highly effective meetings.

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Stay on top of your day

By making it easy to scan through your day and add or review agendas for upcoming meetings, Worklife helps ensure that your whole team is always prepared and informed.

More effective meetings & teams

Worklife automates meeting best practices for your entire team or organization. It ensures that meetings have agendas, that the conversation stays on track, and that meeting notes and action items are effectively communicated.

Everyone on the same page

With WorkLife's collaborative, real-time note taking everyone is literally on the same page creating a shared record of the meeting. Everyone leaves the meeting with the same understanding of what was decided and next steps.

Nothing slips through the cracks

By visually linking related meetings together, Worklife helps enforce team accountability and ensure action items actually get done.

One click meeting templates

Why re-create the wheel? Worklife provides a whole library of best practice meeting agendas you can apply in a single click. You can also create and save your own custom templates to use again and again.

Seamless calendar integration

Automatically sync with Google Calendar and Microsoft Office 365 so your calendar is always up to date.

More intelligent note taking

Worklife notes go beyond text. You can embed intelligent objects such as agenda items that keep the conversation on track or action items that automatically remind assignees before the next meeting.

Powerful integrations

Record things once in Worklife and they will be pushed to the other systems your team uses. New integrations are added all the time.

Help your team achieve their potential.

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